Perfect Word Typing Services

• Has your secretary just called in sick and you have an important document that needs
   to be completed by close of business?
• Just started a new business and can't afford a full time secretary?
• Interview tapes backing up and court date looming?
• Is your secretary struggling to complete a particularly heavy workload and just needs
   some temporary support?
• Just completed your thesis and it needs to be ready for submission in a week's time?

Perfect Word Typing Services deliver the following benefits for you:
• Paying for only the services you use.
• No need to deal with office equipment, office space/rental, sick pay, holiday pay,
   holiday cover, lunch breaks and cover PAYE, tax requirements, national insurance,
   healthcare/life insurance, maternity pay, pensions.

Dictation can be emailed immediately to us within minutes of recording it; alternatively
FTP it, dictate it over the phone, send it in or drop it by, Perfect Word Typing
can help.

With clear and unambiguous pricing and the assured confidentiality of secretaries, each
with over 30 years' experience in legal, banking, surveying and PR work, you can rest
assured that your letters and documents will be prepared quickly, affordably,
confidentially and right first time... every time.

Whether you are an individual, small company or large organisation our secretarial services
are delivered with a personal touch whilst maintaining your complete confidentiality.

Just pick up the phone or email us to start enjoying the benefits of having your very
own confidential virtual secretary.

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